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About Us


Dave's Store is an outlet for Dave's imagination. Dave has been buying and selling surplus and new hardware since 1980.

Pickup loads, semi loads, arm loads. Anything to keep from getting bored.

Dave kept his store on the farm in Northeastern North Dakota to keep the quality of life high.

A place to raise three kids and inspire their imagination. Dad's not really away at work, they could stop and see him anytime and drag him off to help with tree houses and the occasional river raft. Dave's folks also live in the same yard making 3 generations of McCurdys and a wide range of ideas.

The store started as an escape from the more structured business of electric motor repair.

The variety in the store ranges from selling wire feed welders to 100+ year old gold twenty dollar gold pieces.

Anything Dave gets bored with is probably still there, just further back on the shelf.

Dave hope's you enjoy this web site. He plans on keeping it a mixture of things for sale and glimpses of family life on the site that has been in the family for over 100 years.

Visitors are always welcome and free loading is always available.