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McCurdy Stator Heater
Designed to assist in the stripping of electric motors. This unit is not a burnout oven. If it smokes very much it's probably overdone. Features a 1000 watt element and a 15 amp 250 volt plug.
Pictured is a stator with heavy epoxy coating. Without heat this would be hard to strip and very time consuming.
A chisel may break from time to time. This one happened to break on the epoxy coating.
The timer circuit is a double pole switch. The timer is there more as a precaution than the guideline of time.
The element will get cherry red and very frangile when this hot. Do not touch element or pull wire while still on stripper.
This unit warms stators in minutes for easy stripping. Pictured is a 1/4HP Specialy Coolant Pump motor. Seven minutes from starting the heat element all coils were out. Time varies depending on varnish and size of motor.
On this 5HP High Speed Aluminum Case motor time usage was 20 minutes and all insulation came out as well.
Wires are easily pulled out of slots for rewinding.
Since the temperatures are reasonably cool you can start reinsulation before other methods have even started to work.
This is an electric heater, there are no gas burners or heat lamps. No larger than a VCR, yet simple and extremely effective.
The McCurdy Stator Heater can be purchased directly from McCurdy Motor Rewinding.


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